+ Which 3D applications are supported by Artlantis Render Farm?

We currently support Artlantis versions 2020, 2019, 7, 6.5, 6, 5 and 4. Maxwell Render engine is supported for both still images and animations in version 5 and 4.

+ Why should I render with Artlantis Render Farm?

We are the first render farm in the world dedicated solely to Artlantis. We are committed to Artlantis and are deeply knowledgeable about it. Internally, we have been using a render farm with Artlantis since 2005 with great success. 

For example: if a simple animation sequence of 500 frames on your computer takes 10 minutes per frame (a typical situation for HD definition and high radiosity settings), it means it will take almost 85 hours (close to 4 days) to complete. Artlantis Render Farm can calculate the same animation in only 5 hours or a little more. 

This means you’ll have more time to use your computer, instead of having it tied up with rendering your images and animations. You will be able to deliver Full HD definition files to your client with high quality settings, meaning less anti-aliasing flickering, radiosity “jumps”, etc. Artlantis Render Farm is a great value for money proposition!

+ How much my render/animation will cost?

The cost depends entirely of rendering times. Rendering time depends of many factors: file size (polygons), the complexity of objects and materials, and the size and settings of your final rendering. We recommend that you use our cost calculator, so that you can have an idea of the amount of credits needed to render your project.

When you submit a job to render, it will be distributed to several available computers. During the render/animation calculation, you will be charged by the render time as previewed in our control computers. Those credits will be automatically deleted from your account, but the final cost of the render will only be known at the end of the task. You may see your account updated during the task. 

When submitting animations we strongly recommend that you make a fast low settings/resolution test  on your computer to check if there is no mistake in the animation path and if the scene lighting behaves as intended.

The estimate costs video tutorial will show you how to do it step by step.

+ How can I optimize my animation for rendering in Artlantis Render Farm?

Did you know that with Artlantis Render Farm you can make high quality animations of your projects while maintaining the render costs under control?

Some tips to follow before submitting your animation to Artlantis Render Farm:

Render your animation in your computer (or in Artlantis Render Farm) with low resolution/settings to check if there is any problem with light, animated objects path & behavior.

When possible try to avoid fast camera movements. They can create problems with light behavior between frames & make your audience dizzy :) .

After confirming that everything is OK change the resolution/settings to the intended final values and render in your machine (or in Artlantis Render Farm) some frames of different parts of the animation to check if the render time per frame is acceptable. Try to avoid render time of more than 2 hours per frame (in a standard Intel i7 PC).

Finally you can estimate here the cost of rendering your 3D animation in Artlantis Render Farm.

If you start more than one task simultaneously the estimated render time given by our Estimate Costs Tool will not be correct. The maximum number of simultaneous render nodes that we allocate to each user will be divided by the number of tasks you have running. So the total render time will increase accordingly, obviously with no extra costs for you.

Remember, with Artlantis Render Farm you can render your 3D animations, fast and with a reasonable cost.

For more information please send us an email or fill up the form!

+ How do I create my task and upload my files?

The create a task video tutorial will show you how to do it step by step. The detailed instructions are as follow:

Create a task in the tasks menu and add a title/name. Follow the options available, choosing still image, animation, panorama, VR object or all, identifying the camera names if needed (if you not select the option "All"). Press ‘submit’ to begin the calculation process.

In the table (below the title column), click the upload link that will direct you to our private upload area on https://artlantisrenderfarm.wetransfer.com/

Start uploading your file adding one file per task. Please compress your file before upload (.zip format). The upload must be sent to support@artlantisrenderfarm.com. Don’t forget to add the task ID# (# means the task number! :) ) and your email in the message box, so we can identify you.

After the upload, we will receive your file and validate it. The task status (in the tasks column) will then change from “waiting for file upload” to “rendering in progress”, if credits are available.

+ Why do I have to upload an archive .atla file to be able to render with Artlantis Render?

A simple .atl file does not contain all the media you used in the project. Objects, shaders, textures, and images will not be saved as a whole when you want to send the project to someone.

Save process to use in Artlantis Render Farm:

For Artlantis 4:

You have to use the ‘Export as archive’ option in the Artlantis file menu and then send the folder with all components inside: .atl file, objects, pictures, and shaders. That way, you can guarantee that our computers will read the same file you have on your screen right now. Just .zip or .rar that file and no data will be lost.

For Artlantis 5 and 6:

For Artlantis 5 the archive format is .atla. It is a much simple and easier process, since all the media used in the file are automatically stored in the .atla file. Go to "Menu" > "Save as" > "Artlantis Archive Document". After exporting to a .atla archive always open the .atla file in your computer before sending it to us to ensure everything is in place.

Other important reason for demanding archive files is that all the Rendering settings must be properly checked by the user. Artlantis Render Farm support does not change file parameters, concerning radiosity, antlialiasing, size parameters, etc. Files are received and automatically deployed by several render farm nodes. It is a protection for both the user and both Render Farm support team.

Our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) will handle your files with utmost discretion and respect the confidentiality of all information received.

+ How can I have negative render credits in my account?

When you submit a job to render, it will be distributed to several available computers. During the render/animation calculation, you will be charged for the render time as previewed in our control computers. Those credits will be automatically removed from your account, but the final cost of the render will only be known at the end of the task. You may see your account reviewed during the task. We will only be sure of the final rendering time spent when the rendering is finished.

If you run out of credits during the rendering, you’ll receive a message to buy more credits to ensure that your rendering calculation is completed.

When the rendering is complete, but you don't have enough credits you'll receive a message "waiting for credits to allow download". When you buy the necessary credits the download link will be released.

If more than a week has passed by and you didn't buy the necessary credits to download your files the task will be considered abandoned. In that situation the system will automatically abort your task & delete all the rendered files. Spent credits will be lost.

+ Why am I not receiving immediate feedback on my question/task?

Our management team is available to support you between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM GMT (London time), but Artlantis Render Farm machines are working 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We are committed to answer your questions/tasks in 2 hours or less during that time (At weekends the waiting time may be higher). After those hours (12:00 PM GMT), support team will be only available in the next morning and all questions/tasks will be addressed at that time by submission order. If you submit a file outside GMT working hours, you may have to wait a little for your answer or for your task to start.

When you contact us please make sure that you're using the same email you've used to open your account on Artlantis Render Farm. For security reasons we can't give any kind of reply to inquiries about running tasks to emails not registered in our system.

In the future, thanks to our technology progress, we will be able to provide even better and faster support to our customers. In the meantime, our team will physically upload your files to Artlantis Render Farm. We are working to constantly upgrade the service.

+ How can i edit my Task?

After creating a task in the task menu, you can edit the name, the items to be rendered or just delete it. After uploading your file and receive the message "rendering in progress" it's not possible to stop the calculation without losing the initial credits or the credits that were spent to start the task. The user can contact our support center and ask to stop the calculation. This system protects both user and renderfarm management team, since the operation to start the task is not totally automatic.

+ Where is my receipt?

It will be sent to you by email in PDF format.

+ Why VAT is on my checkout?

If you are a costumer from outside the European Union (EU) you don´t have to pay this tax. If you are a costumer from the EU an have a valid VAT ID (as any EU company should have) you will not pay VAT.